About Us

About Us

25 Years of Experience

We at the Alina Wellness takes complete care of your health and wellness.

LASER, Slimming, Diet & Beauty – An Aesthetic Clinic

A pantheon of perfect wellness, at ALINA WELLNESS Clinic you can find solutions for Laser Hair removal, slimming, beauty and Diet, encapsulating different types of therapies along with proper counselling and evaluation. Our Diet Clinic is a flagship weight management service which provides scientific diet solutions as per the individuals’ history and BMI.

Laser hair reduction package at ALINA provides perfect result as we use painless CE Certified DIODE LASER hair removal Device which provides best result in 6-10 sittings.

ALINA WELLNESS Clinic offers incredible range of weight management treatments based on surgical as well as on non-surgical modules to tone, reshapes and revives your physique. Fatfreeze and Coolsculping to give you right shape you desire.

The beauty and skin treatments at ALINA WELLNESS Clinic are not restricted to any particular therapy, our bouquet of treatments encompasses ancient Ayurveda to latest laser based solutions for your infinite satisfaction.

We painstakingly cure your ailments to exhibit an everlasting smile and confidence in your beautiful eyes and cheerful face.

Our solacing Diet is designed and equipped to impart exhilarating experience and restorative feelings. The Diet offers blend of Indian and international massages none other than, but by our certified therapists and professional masseurs for holistic healing and absolute tranquillity.

ALINA WELLNESS Clinic garners advance infrastructure and cutting-edge modern technology. A privileged clinic which is thriving on astute physicians and well qualified doctors who are always engaged in transforming your shape and looks.

A combination of perfect wellness, at ALINA WELLNESS Clinic you’ll find solutions for unwanted body hairs, overweight, obesity, uneven skin tones, unhealthy food habits ..etc. We provide result oriented services for DIODE painless Laser Hair removal (CE Certified), Slimming, Beauty, and Diet, containing different kinds of therapies together with proper counseling as well as evaluation. Our Diet Clinic is actually a flagship weight management service that provides scientific diet solutions as per the individuals’ history and BMI.
When it comes to your reflection, you’ll be your own toughest critic. Even that favorite outfit can feel off-limits due to stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise. However our weight loss procedures shape what you really see without surgery or downtime, so you’ll look great from each and every angle.
Furthermore, we also offer an incredible range of weight management treatments that are based on surgical and non-surgical modules to tone, reshapes, and even revives your physique. Today, ALINA WELLNESS Clinic is actually widely known for its amazing slimming, beauty, diet, and wellness products as well as services. We also enjoy a high level of consumer trust as we are the best in the business.
We offer the finest slimming, beauty, Diet, and laser hair treatments using the latest skincare technology and innovations in the world. Our world-class experienced team of professionals, weight loss experts, skin therapists are there to serve you. Additionally, in order to complement your looks and health, our weight loss and lifestyle modification program combine smart dietary regimes. We use US FDA/CE certified approved technology and body contouring treatments to melt those annoying bulges and inches and give you the body shape you dream for.
ALINA WELLNESS is recognized for providing the best solutions to Slimming, Diet, and beauty care, and has reached the highest standards in terms of client satisfaction in the last two decades.
The objective was to reach more people and thus allow them to meet their small desires which had been a dream for a long, it may actually have been because of various reasons. But at ALINA WELLNESS we understand that each of our clients is unique and have his/her individual need and aspect, and our mission is to transform their desire into reality.
Our vision is to be the best brand in the health and beauty business, all over India by building loyalty, exceeding internal and external customer expectations.
Moreover, with dedicated center, diverse services, and thousands of clients ALINA WELLNESS Clinic has emerged as one of the most trusted places for all your aesthetic solutions. We will simply keep working towards maintaining the highest standards of services, customized treatments in the most affordable and convenient manner.