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    Slimming Services In Dwarka, Delhi

    Being 20% over your ideal body weight is actually considered as being obese. A BMI of 30 and above has been defined by various renowned health institutes as precisely being obese. Obesity is a condition where a lot of body fat accumulates, which causes ill effects on our health. Furthermore, obesity increases the probability of getting cardiovascular diseases, depression, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, and some forms of cancers.

    Today one among the most trending and popular treatments is slimming and weight loss treatment. It’s quite a typical phenomenon worldwide, not for all, however most of the developed as well as developing countries have a considerable number of citizens in the category of either overweight or obese.
    In the past decade, there has been a major rise in slimming/weight loss clinics in India. In general, weight loss is losing the mass of the body, and smilling is intentional weight loss for getting thinner and gaining confidence, however in these cases, weight loss and slimming are used interchangeably.

    They also include diet, cosmetic surgery, therapies, medicines, counseling and many more. It all depends on the kind of service(s) you choose for. Currently, India is still growing in this industry by bringing in the most modern and latest technology and adapting to new and innovative methods. Such clinics also offer many other services aside from weight loss, but that depends on the clinic to clinic.
    Losing weight is difficult for several people and being overweight isn’t healthy because it comes with its share of problems.

    For some of the individuals, following a healthy lifestyle and exercise will assist them to shed those extra pounds. However, for others, a little extra is required, like a medical intervention that might even be necessary to return to a healthy weight. Our Slimming Center is really the best in Delhi, offering amazing surgical and non-surgical weight loss and body contouring treatments to get a body you always only dreamed of.

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    Weight Loss / Slimming Center Services In Delhi

    We have the title of “Best weight loss clinic” while offering our advanced services in inch-loss, tightening as well as figure correction. Chose our clinic for weight loss procedures, specialized programs for post-pregnancy weight loss, and find suitable tailor-made diet & exercise plans. We are a bunch of trained & positive practitioners guaranteeing your envisaged fitness and health by making efficient use of proper diet, whole-body exercise, and mental fitness. So come and join the health club!

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    Weight Loss Services In Dwarka, Delhi

    Vacuum Cavitation

    The Vacuum Cavitation improves the blood, oxygen & lymphatic flow in the tissues and gives astounding results to remove accumulated cellulite and fat hidden beneath muscle fibers in knees and upper arms. It works for both women and men, but it is awesome for women with a predisposed fat tendency and are suffering from saggy skin, heavy buttocks and blubbery thighs. Works on roller mechanism and radio frequency to break down fat cells by stimulating the secretion of collagen which are resistant to dieting and physical workout.



    At ALINA WELLNESS Clinic we have an experienced team of medical practitioners who are well versed with Ultracavitation. We provide the utmost care and attention to make sure that our clients get the results they really desire and the care they deserve. Ultracavitation, is a really effective, non-surgical measure to shed unwanted cellulite as well as adipose tissue, it is one of the best alternatives of liposuction in the industry which doesn’t requires any surgery at all.

    Ayurveda for Weight Loss

    There are remedies in Ayurveda for weight loss and to maintain health for those who are obese or overweight. Ayurvedic treatment focuses on the kind of body an individual has and provides specific treatment accordingly so that one can have the most effective results out of it.

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    Tummy Tuck

    Our tummy tuck is one which removes unwanted fat from the abdomen for a much sleeker stomach. We offer a nonsurgical tummy tuck, which is a more advanced body contouring procedure that removes unwanted body fat to give you a brand new shape with fast recovery. A combination of CoolSculpting to get rid of unwanted fat and Ultherapy to tighten the skin provides results that diet and exercise aren't always able to achieve.

    Double Chin Reduction

    With ALINA WELLNESS Clinic at your reach, there’s no reason for you to suffer from a double chin. You’ll be able to enhance your cheekbones and shed off the extra fat from your face very easily with the assistance of our advanced treatments. Our team of expert professionals would customize treatments as per your requirement and would even help you to get a more chiseled look to your face.


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    ALINA WELLNESS Clinic offers best and most effective nonsurgical methods using both traditional and modern therapies so as to counter fat and flab on the body. Diet management along with Ayurvedic as well as alternative medicines is the one of the most proven methods to eliminate extra fat, however it takes some time. If it is really difficult for you to live on strict meal plan for a really long time, then one can go for multiple other options which transform your persona in just a matter of few weeks. In this regime, both women and men can go for scientific weight management methods and in this context Detox is the easiest way to fight with cellulite cells.

    The advent of technology opens innovative ways to remain slim and healthy, lately one can choose Ultracavitation to wipe out localised fat and cellulite and may choose mechanical rolling Lipomassage which helps in reactivation of fat release. If you’re suffering from recurrent cellulite formation, then Vacuum Cavitation system is actually a really good antidote to curb fat with strong sound wave technology. People who are fat, but not obese can manage their weight through body contouring.
    Is joining a weight loss centre beneficial?
    Yes, weight loss centers have trained professionals who can guide you in losing weight in a healthy manner and maintain it as well.
    Can you lose weight with just exercise?
    You really shouldn’t only exercise while ignoring your diet. It isn’t a good weight loss strategy. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume or eat fewer calories than your body uses each day. If you don’t have a caloric deficit, you will not really lose any weight.
    Does workout reduce belly fat?
    As you continue to exercise, calories are burned and the fat percentage in your body decreases. Therefore, exercising not simply helps you lose belly fat, it also sheds fat from other areas as well. Moreover, running and walking are the 2 best fat-burning exercises out there.
    What exercise burns the most belly fat?
    Crunches is the best exercise to burn stomach fat. It rank top when we talk about fat-burning exercises.

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